Our Products

We support our customers get better products from trusted Producers, home made manufacturer, craftsmen, and farmers in Indonesia. We carefully select and evaluate suppliers to ensure that the products meet the desired standards and specifications. Our products consist of palm sugar, tuna floss, snacks, rattan handicrafts, rattan furniture, rubber tire furniture such as chair and small round table.


Foodstuffs and Snacks

We have any variety of foodstuffs and snacks that are from local community products  which are processed hygienically and utilizing food-grade standard machinery. Our product does not use any chemical preservatives.

By cooperating with the local community’s home made products, we strive to  synergize with each other and provide our best products for several countries.


Rattan Handycrafts

Our local Handicrafts is a native product made from rattan and bamboo which is formed into various shapes and designs. Rattan and bamboo can be used for various purposes, such as fashion goods, decoration, crafts, etc. The Handycrafts can also be used to make various kinds of products, such as wallet, baskets, handbag, serving tray, woven hat and others. our products are made by traditional craftsmen with simple tools, more natural and  distinctive as well as high value.


Tire Furniture Product

Tire rubber is durable enough to form usable furniture, and can be surprisingly beautiful. Despite the interesting aesthetic, these chairs are comfortable for sitting. They definitely seem to serve a better function as a conversation starter.

Some furniture sets are made entirely out of tires and inflated tire tubing, creating extremely odd and interesting pieces. Whether the furniture keeps the tire’s original shape, or strips it of all but its most basic materials, tires are always eye-catching.

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